South Bend Silverhawks Game 6-09-08










Mishawaka Memorial Day Parade 2008

Old Glory Awaits the Celebration

baloon man
A little boy receives a balloon

Planes fly overhead just before the start of the parade

Princess Mishawaka waves to onlookers

cake float from behind
Happy 175th Birthday, Mishawaka

Mayor Jeff Rea
Mayor Jeff Rea’s Car

Mishawaka City Council Car

dare car
Mishawaka D.A.R.E. Unit

purdue train boiler maker special
County Sherrif’s Special Car is a Hummer, Made at AM General in Mishawaka

Model A Ford cruises Mishawaka Avenue

hometown heroes
Mishawaka High School Hometown Heroes

mhs cheerleaders
Mishawaka High School Cheerleaders

Mishawaka High School Band

1972 Nova SS

1963 Daytona Studebaker Wagon
1963 Daytona Studebaker Wagon

Sons of the American Revolution

Mishawaka Wrestling Club

purdue train boiler maker special
Purdue Boiler Maker Special

Caledonia Kittle Scottish Band
Caledonia Kittle Band

clown on motercycle
Clown on a motercycle

phs kingsmen flag
Penn High School Band

penn kingsmen trumpets
Penn High School Band 2

scout bikes
Boy Scouts on Bicycles

twirlers 2
Royal Majestics

Royal Majestics 2

American Countryside Farmers Market, Elkhart, In

We visited the American Countryside Farmers Market in Elkhart on May 24, 2008 for Kites and Canines Day. While there wasn’t much kite flying going on, there were lots of animal adoption agencies and animals for adoption represented. Here are some photos from our little excursion.

Farmersmarket May 002
rear view of American Countryside Farmers Market

FarmersmarketMay 005
rows of beautiful hanging baskets for sale

FarmersmarketMay 023
one of many animal rescue shelters sharing an animal up for adoption

FarmersmarketMay 024
a man plays fetch with his dog

FarmersmarketMay 055
kittens were available for adoption as well

FarmersmarketMay 027
the little pomeranian called out to passers by as if begging for someone to take him home

FarmersmarketMay 007
Heartland Small Animal Rescue offers pets of the tinier variety like this little piggie my daughter held

FarmersmarketMay 059
there is a small area set up with children’s activities

FarmersmarketMay 010
wagon rides are available as well as a petting zoo

FarmersmarketMay 011
curious kids visit the petting zoo

FarmersmarketMay 016
another kind of curious kid, perhaps asking for a treat

FarmersmarketMay 020
a little bunny huddles in a corner, before the next child comes into his enclosure to hold him

FarmersmarketMay 029
an alpaca made from alpaca wool

FarmersmarketMay 031
a collection of raggedy dolls await some lucky collector

FarmersmarketMay 033
amish collectibles abound on the second floor of the Farmers Market Building

Civil War Living History Days

This annual event takes place at the Bittersweet Branch Library in Mishawaka.

This is the proper way to carry your rifle

Fall in line

This is how you shoot a rifle

Little ones need more instruction

Some fellow comrades

The North
This is the “enemy” army

Camp 2
Tents for sleeping in

Weapon Storage

This is the man who takes care of the injured

Amputations were common for the injured


The Army Captain and His Wife

photos taken by tkwist on 5/17/08

Rum Village Nature Trails & Park

Rum Village Trail

White Flowers Growing in Rum Village Trail
Snow Trillium Flowers Along the Path

Moss Growing on Tree Stump in Rum Village
Mossy Tree

Mushrooms Growing on Tree Stump
Mushrooms Growing on Tree Stump

Dogwood Trees Near Nature Center, Rum Village
Dogwood Tree Near Nature Center

Purple Tree Near Nature Center
Redbud Tree Near Nature Center

Purple Ground Cover Flowers at Rum Village
Purple Flowering Ground Cover on Nature Trail

Tree Squirrel at Rum Village 02
Tree Squirrel

Bird on ground at Rum Village Nature Center Parking lot
Bird in Parking Lot at Nature Center

photos taken by tkwist on 05/13/08

East Race in South Bend

St. Joseph River from Howard Park

Viewing the St. Joseph River from Howard Park, looking Eastward

East Race

rear side of Century Center

Rafting Signs along the East Race

Rafting Signs near East Race

East Race near Emporium

East Race near the Emporium Restaurant

Foot Bridge along the East Race
Pedestrian Bridge along the East Race

Firemans Memorial at Seitz Park
Firemans Memorial at Seitz Park

Firemans Memorial at Seitz Park closeup
Firemans Memorial at Seitz Park Closeup

Rum Village and the East Race 119

Fish Ladder in Seitz Park

photos taken by tkwist on 5/13/08

Scenes from Monkey Island

Monkey Island is located in Mishawaka near the Eberhart-Petro golf course

Red Staircase Reflection
Reflection of Red Staircase in St. Joseph River with Squirrel in Foreground

Cyclists at Monkey Island
Cyclists along the Eberhart-Petro Golfcourse

Bridge at Monkey Island
Bridge at Monkey Island

Rocks and Trees Reflection
Tree Reflection in the St. Joseph River

Swimming goose amongst tree shadows
Goose Swimming in River Inlet